The inception of Angry James Brewery came from the love of craft beer. After spending years working at other breweries and brewing for himself at home, AJ decided to pursue his passion for beer and brewing, taking it to the next level as a brewery owner. In 2014, AJ and his wife Darcy, sold their small house in Denver as seed money for this new venture. They were able to purchase a small piece of land in Silverthorne and find jobs in Summit and Eagle County to make ends meet while beginning the Angry James Brewery project. 
Construction of the brewery began in early 2016. There were many challenges in this phase, as there always are with new construction. AJ and Darcy, with the help from family, friends and a whole slew of subcontractors, spent 2 years building a facility that would not only manufacture beer, but also provide a fun spot for the community to gather. On a cold evening in late January 2018, Angry James was born
The namesake is a bit of a farce, he’s really not that angry. And if he is, it wasn’t us who did it to him!


At Angry James Brewery, our mission is to consistently raise our own bar in pursuit of making world class beer. We recognize the abundance of choices available to beer enthusiasts, which is why we dedicate ourselves to continually surpassing our own standards. With a firm commitment to honoring tradition and meticulous attention to detail, we seek to create exceptional brews that pay homage to the craft, while also embracing innovation and fostering collaboration.


Mug Club was created to build a sense of community at Angry James. Every fall (around the end of August) Angry James releases 150 (+ or -) custom beer mugs ¬†that go on sale on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Each year folks line up at the brewery (sometimes overnight) to secure a mug. Mugs are numbered on the bottom and whatever order you are in the mug club line dictates your mug number for that years’ Mug Club. Once you have your mug, Angry James stores it at the brewery for you to use whenever you come in.¬†

What are the benefits of Mug Club?

Aside from having a sweet mug to take home at the end of the Mug Club cycle, your 1st fill is on us, you get 20oz of beer for the price of 16oz for the whole year, $10 of your purchase goes to local non-profit, you get 1st rights to drinking our Oktoberfest that we release every fall, and you’ll receive a couple extra complimentary fills throughout the year. Oh and we forgot to mention, it’s an excuse to get up early, hang with your friends, and drink beer (judgement free)!!!

How to get in on Mug Club

It’s really very simple. Keep an eye out for official Mug Club date announcements in the Summer (at the brewery or social media). Lock the date into your calendar and get here early to secure your spot in line! *Rules: must be 21 years old, mugs are non-transferrable, must be present and in line to receive, max 1 mug per person.

Sorry. Since you're not yet 21, we cannot allow you to proceed.



But First, Are you 21?